About Me

The Phoenix Charity

Founder and Director

Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery. It is very real and it is happening in every city in the United States. Victims are branded, like cattle. The practice is not new. It used to be done by slave owners using brands on slaves to show ownership. Now it’s back in a different form, but for the same horrible purpose.

It very much so is a psychological form of bondage. It ties you to the reprogramming and it ties you to the horrible feelings that you are nothing more than a piece of property, to be used at another’s whim. It is liberating for victims to have these brands removed.

The Phoenix Charity sole purpose is to break these chains. https://www.thephoenixcharity.org/

Body Restore Med Spa & Laser Clinic

Owner and CEO

Houston’s Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist! We are different than most of your traditional Med Spas and Laser Centers. Our focus is on our long-term relationships with our clients and within our community. That focus drives everything from our pricing structure to the way we book our clients and definitely the way we treat our clients. Just look at our pricing structure. We simply can’t be beaten!

We specialize in all things skin and natural health. Removal of Burns, Scars, Age identifiers, and Tattoos on the Laser side and Colon Irrigation Cleansing and Colonoscopy Prep on the other.

All of our proceeds go to the work we do in the community. Removing tattoos, scars, and burns, and helping people reach their goals on health to promote physical and emotional healing is our passion. http://www.mybodyrestore.com/