While most young girls ages 12 – 16 are trying to talk their parents into buying them the newest clothing style or brand and doing the things that all their peers do such as Friday nights at the movies, sleepovers, going out on a date or even preparing to get their drivers license…. There are thousands of girls who live a whole different life.  These girls can only dream of a life they once had and know they will have to settle with the rags they are given for clothes, if they are given anything at all.  A sleepover with their friends consist of the nights they spend locked up in dark rooms with other girls who are being held captive just like them.  They go on multiple dates each day with men who abuse and use them as objects and they have no voice in this.  If they could drive, they’ve been programmed to believe that trying to run or escape in any way is pointless because no one wants them and the life they now vaguely remember is nothing they could ever return to.  

These young children are made to dress and look like adults and are forced into a life of abuse and torture.  No child should miss out on just that …. A childhood. A chance to be carefree and know they are loved.  Yet too many face an all to different reality.  

Each of us have a responsibility to do what we can to make a difference and save those who have been imprisoned by the evil who make their way into our communities and steal the innocence of our children.  

Join The Phoenix Charity in this fight to save one life at a time.  We are making a difference and you can do the same.