Children who are victims of trafficking are taught by their traffickers that they are worthless and no one cares about them and will never try to find them.  They are scared into never trying to escape and believing there is no hope left for them.  

They hang their head in shame and fear.  

We as members of society can offer these victims hope through a simple glance.  Without a single word we can let them know that they are noticed and have meaning and value.  

Making eye contact with someone provides a clear non-verbal acknowledgement of their worth to you as a person.  Victims of trafficking feel as though they are nothing more than an object to be used at their trafficker’s whim.  

By making eye contact with a trafficking victim (whether or not you know that to be their circumstance) tells them you see them as a person and not an object.  It tells them they have value in  your eyes and can possibly reignite a small ember of hope deep inside.

It is this ember of hope that can enable a trafficking victim to hold on and fight through all they are forced to endure until one day they are rescued.