We need your help to stop the demand and keep saving more humans from traffic and sexual slavery. This is a prolific, profitable and ever-growing industry in the United States and 8 of every 10 girls trafficked will go through Houston. Just in the USA, approximately 300,000 girls are bought, sold or otherwise lost to human trafficking every year and all in the age range of 8-14.

This is a big problem in every major including New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many others.

Our mission is three-fold.  Awareness, Recovery, and Remove. We have a safe house for this kids and we are in the process of setting up a second secure location in the Houston area.  With plans to open in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin shortly thereafter and as funding allows.

Please read our stories: http://www.thephoenixcharity.org/

Please help us.  We can’t do this without you!


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